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The earliest reference to Baddow Park goes back to the will of John Pascall Esquire of Great Baddow dated 1581. Amongst his properties were the Manors of Great Baddow and Sir Hughes.

The original House was replaced in 1890 with the House in its current form. Original wood panelling (dating back to the 16th century) was installed in the House.

In 1946 the present property was bought by Horace Kilian (Annie Gough’s father), together with 68 acres of land (later reduced to 45 acres following the compulsory purchase of land by the Highways Agency in preparation for the construction of the A12).

During the Second World War, Baddow Park was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence for military personnel. In total, 99 men were billeted in the House and in barracks in the grounds.

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