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7 top tips for happy wedding guests

Jul 30, 2021 | Wedding Venue

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top tips happy wedding guests

From confusing invitations to bad food and messy bites. The 7 most popular un-happy wedding guests’ complaints are solved right here.

The team at Baddow Park House wedding venue in Essex is excited to be well and truly back in the swing of hosting fabulous weddings for our gorgeous couples. However, we can speak from experience when we say, a memorable celebration is far more than elegant styling, tasty food, and a head-turning dress.

Weddings are all about rejoicing on one of the happiest days of your life, surrounded by your closest family and friends. So it’s important to be thoughtful and pay attention to the little things that will ensure that your guests know they are loved. This in turn will guarantee you no wedding guest complaints and that your wedding ceremony will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Confusing Wedding Invitations

When sending wedding invitations it is very important to be clear about who you are inviting. Confusing wording can cause worry and awkwardness. For instance, can your guest bring a plus one/date, and are children invited? The most straightforward way to deal with this problem is to add all the names of those invited to a response card. For example, ‘Jane Jones and Guest will/will not attend’ or simply ‘Jane Jones’ if no guest is included. This will communicate to the recipient, who is included. 

happy wedding guest information
wedding guests signage

The Wedding Venue Location

We are not talking about the venue here, but where the venue is located.  It’s highly unlikely you are going to choose a venue that is not appealing to others, but how are your guests going to get there?
Your venue might be in a rural location and although you will find that there are very good transport links throughout Essex, this might not be the case elsewhere. Additionally, is your wedding venue easy to find and does it have adequate signage? Guests getting lost and arriving late and stressed is not a good start to your happy day. Make sure they have clear directions to the venue. Lastly, think about parking. People like to know that when they arrive, there will be plenty of free parking availability.

The Weather!

We love it, we hate it and, we never stop talking about it! The great British weather, be it too hot or too cold, or even too windy, will leave lasting unhappy memories if you do not take measures to keep your guests comfortable. If too hot, spring and summer wedding guests will thank you for adequate shade and refreshing drinks. A basket of handheld fans and mini tubes of sunscreen is also a nice idea. In the autumn and winter months, keeping warm is crucial if you want to keep your guests happy. This is where a basket of blankets or shawls, mulled drinks, and log fires come into play. And if rain is forecast and walking is involved, umbrellas will always be a welcome addition.

wedding guests hot weather
warm happy wedding guests

Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Family and friends giving toasts can be a wonderful thing. However, overlong speeches coupled with an audience who has sunk more than a few glasses of champagne can be a recipe for disaster. 
Speeches should be reserved for immediate family and the bridal party. Let them know beforehand that you would prefer it to be short and sweet. Crafting a speech that keeps everyone engaged is a real challenge and choosing the right speech length can be the difference between guests laughing or nodding off. If you are planning on 2 or 3 speeches then 8 minutes per speech is about right.


Guests sitting cheek by jowl will mean that they cannot move easily between tables and too many are crammed in one spot. Speak to your wedding venue. Baddow Park House has tried and tested seating plans we can show you and advise you on how to best seat the number of guests you have attending. When dressing the table, be aware of the height of your table centerpiece. No one wants to stare into a floral arrangement all night. And, if you can’t place a large group of family or friends on one table, try and put them in the same vicinity so they can chat together as the evening progresses.

happy wedding guests
happy wedding guests food

Well Fed Wedding Guests are Happy Wedding Guests

Food being served late, cold food, not enough food, and badly prepared food are all in the running for a grumpy wedding guest award! Wedding guests look forward to the food they will be served on your big day. So, food should be tasty and plentiful. Canapés should be dainty and not messy to eat.  A good rule of thumb is that any foods you would not eat on a first date should be avoided at your wedding. It’s also important to remember that not everyone will share your taste in food. If you have chosen a private wedding venue for your celebration then they should have recommended caterers who can offer plenty of fine dining options. These are people that the venue trusts to advise you on how to select a perfectly balanced and delicious feast that will keep your wedding guests happy throughout the day and evening.

Time to Connect

Your guests have attended your wedding to support you on your big day, so, no matter how busy or distracted you are during your celebrations, you must take the time to connect with them. A greetings line will work, but it does tend to hold up proceedings. A far more personal way to give each of your guests the attention they deserve and to make them feel happy and appreciated is to move from table to table between courses. Time is of the essence though, as this will become more difficult after dinner when guests begin to move around and switch tables. 

greeting guests at wedding

And not forgetting….

We hope you have enjoyed reading our handy tips for keeping your wedding guests happy. Before we sign off, here, are just a few more pointers you might want to bear in mind;

  • Try not to exceed an hour for the wedding ceremony, especially if children are attending.
  • Hire a good DJ who will not say inappropriate things in front of your granny and has a wide range of music that appeals to everyone.
  • Stick to your schedule so guests are not kept waiting. 
  • Cocktail hour should be just that!
  • Ensure guests are offered a vegetarian or vegan option.
  • Check that your venue is large enough for the number of guests you plan to invite, don’t forget the evening guests.
  • An absolute must – send thank you cards to your guests, within three months of the wedding. They will appreciate this kind and thoughtful gesture.
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The Ultimate Essex Wedding Venue, we are experts in keeping wedding guests happy.

With excellent transport links to Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Kent, and London Stanstead Airport, Baddow Park House is the ultimate wedding venue in Essex. With sun-decked terraces, blazing log fires, fabulous glass orangery, a wealth of ceremony spaces, and sumptuous accommodation it has become the most sought-after wedding venue in Essex. We offer fine dining at its best and a team of experienced staff and trusted suppliers to plan and cater to your every requirement. We do everything in our power to ensure that you and your guests have the most fabulous time throughout your stay with us. All expectations are exceeded at our private country house wedding venue in Essex.

Visit our wedding venue – Baddow Park House West Hanningfield Road, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 7SY. Telephone: 01245 473969

Wedding Reviews
We were booked to get married September 2020 but due to covid, we re-scheduled for September 2021. I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at Baddow Park and especially Kelly – Group Operations Manager, for being so accommodating. We were very worried about the unknowns of having to re-arrange. However, Kelly and the team took that worry away. The process from having a “back up date” to confirming a new date in 21 was seamless, Kelly and her team were ALWAYS available via phone or email for a quick chat or to discuss the day in-depth. The upset of having to move our day never came as we knew the team had it all under control and that they would make our day even more special next year. We can’t wait to get married and celebrate at Baddow Park house with their fantastic team and gorgeous surroundings!

5 star rating

Fleur & Andy

From our first visit to see Baddow Park even before all the renovations we were in love with it and knew this was the place we wanted to get married, not only was the venue and garden beautiful but Kelly made us feel so welcome we knew it would all go smoothly…   Then COVID happened and so close to our wedding day, all was arranged and we were waiting ready and excited for our wedding day, but in one day, id not only cancelled one wedding but prepared an alternative one, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the flexibility of Baddow Park and Kelly’s support with all our questions and worries of “What do we do now”   She has kept in touch with us throughout the year as we have changed dates and ideas and at not one point has anything I have asked been a problem. Unfortunately a 2020 wedding is not possible so now we wait for the perfect wedding at Baddow Park in 2021!

5 star rating

Victoria Partridge

What a magical wedding day we had at Baddow Park House, every single detail was perfect. From initial viewing to booking to pre-wedding preparation, you were all so helpful and supportive, nothing was too much trouble and no questions were left unanswered. The house is beautifully kept and the grounds exquisite, the atmosphere was lovely. Baddow Park is a truly beautiful place to get married.

5 star rating

Kirstie and Andy

We want to thank you sincerely for making our wedding day so special. Everyone thought the organisation was excellent and everything went so smoothly. Baddow Park is a beautiful place to hold an intimate wedding, the house and the gardens are just delightful. Everyone there said what a lovely venue it was. We had the most beautiful wedding and we are very grateful.

5 star rating

Mrs & Mrs B

From the moment we saw Baddow Park for the first time we knew this was exactly where we wanted to have our wedding reception. Combining beautiful grounds with the ability for us to personalise our day this was our perfect venue. We truly could not have asked for a better day and for all at Baddow Park House together with their suppliers who helped make the magic happen.

5 star rating

Nick & Lorna Bastian

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