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Meet The Team: Gaynor – Wedding Consultant

Jan 25, 2023 | Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is a big responsibility!

There are so many aspects to think about and organise. The caterers, the flowers, the invitations, the transport, the photographer, the timings… the list seems endless. 

How do you know what you need to do? And what if you miss something? How can you be sure that your wedding is planned to perfection so you can relax and enjoy a memorable and magical day? 

You only get one chance to celebrate your big day, so your wedding has to be perfect. 

Enter Gaynor – your very own wedding consultant! 

Some venues offer you a wedding coordinator, but a wedding consultant is on a whole other level…

What Is A Wedding Consultant?

A wedding consultant is an expert in planning and coordinating weddings. Unlike a standard wedding coordinator, a wedding consultant is involved in every step of the planning process right from the start. Furthermore, she will work with you to understand what your dream wedding will look like, coordinate all the parties involved, and make sure everything is planned to perfection in order to ensure the event runs smoothly. 

In short, a wedding consultant is an expert wedding planner who also has the skills, time and experience necessary to plan and host the wedding of your dreams. In addition, they will be there to deal with all the worries and stresses that planning a wedding can bring, so you can relax knowing your big day will be a huge success. 

Meet Gaynor Pearson – Wedding Consultant at Baddow Park House 

wedding consultant at Private wedding venue in essex

Gaynor is our Wedding Consultant here at Baddow Park House. She has been working with us since 2020, but she’s been in the wedding industry for over 10 years and has vast experience in everything wedding related.

Before working in the wedding industry, Gaynor was involved in the beauty industry and also worked as part of an ambulance crew! So her meticulous attention to detail and ability to perform under high pressure makes her the perfect person to manage your wedding. 

We’ve asked Gaynor a few questions to help you get to know her a little more and find out how she can help you on your big day…

What Does A Wedding Consultant Do & How Do You Contribute To A Wedding At Baddow Park House?

My involvement in a wedding is pretty comprehensive. My main role as a wedding consultant is to ensure that every couple who choose Baddow Park House for their wedding gets a magical experience and a totally unique wedding that goes without a hitch. 

When you book your wedding at Baddow Park House, you’ll be introduced to me as soon as your booking is confirmed. I’ll then work with you every step of the way, from your initial booking right up to and throughout your wedding day.

I get to know you really well during the planning stage of your wedding. Most importantly, couples will visit me at the house several times before the big day to get an idea of exactly what they want. This could be for food tastings or supplier meetings, but sometimes, it’s just for a reassuring cup of tea. Whatever you need, it is my job to make your life easier!

One of the key parts of my role is the run-through call the week before the wedding. This ensures that we are all on the same page and also helps put your mind at ease so you can relax and enjoy your big day. 

Also, on the day of the wedding, I am there to make sure everything runs smoothly and, most importantly, that you enjoy every second!

wedding consultant at baddow park house

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Because I love it! I have vast experience working in customer care and adore helping people, but nothing matches seeing a couple happy on their special day – a day you will always remember! Knowing I am partly responsible for making your big day such a memorable one brings me a great deal of joy. 

I work with the best team here at Baddow Park House. They really do care. Our owners, James and Samantha Martin, take pride in everything they put into making Baddow Park House the wonderful place it is to work. They make me and the team feel valued so that we can really enjoy what we do. Which in turn, ensures our couples and guests are looked after impeccably.

It’s been exciting to see how the place has developed over the past two years. The house and gardens have blossomed. Our couples notice it and point out new additions each time they visit us. It is a stunning place to work, visit and get married.

What Does A Working Day Look Like For You?

Every day is different! But a typical working day in the lead-up to a wedding includes:

  • Calling the couple who are getting married that week for a final run-through
  • Updating all departments
  • Replying to e-mails and queries from potential clients 
  • Team meetings at Baddow Park House to debrief and discuss prep for the week ahead
  • Meetings with suppliers
  • Planning meetings – meetings with the couples to discuss the timings of the day in depth and collate all supplier details. These can take anywhere up to 2.5 hours

If a wedding takes place on a Saturday, the bridal party will usually arrive on Friday. It is my job to meet with the bridal party, hang suits and dresses and do a handover of wedding decorations and table set up. I then settle the bridal party into the house or The Salon for their overnight accommodation.

It’s always exciting when the big day arrives. It’s a busy day but an extremely satisfying one. My main jobs on the day include:

  • Meeting the bride in The Salon
  • Meeting with the team for a run-through of the day
  • Checking the house and grounds are in order and that the ceremony and banquet are set up as requested
  • Moving the bridal party over to the house
  • Greeting the groom’s party
  • Greeting the guests, suppliers and registrars
  • Overseeing the proceedings of the day

The day after the wedding, I will also check that the couple has everything that belongs to them ready to go before we say our goodbyes.

What Are Your Favourite Moments Working at Baddow Park House?

There are a few weddings that have been special to me personally at Baddow Park House.

My daughter was a bridesmaid to her best friend during my time here. I’ve known her friend since she was 4 years old, so it was lovely to see her get married and be able to help with her special day. My neighbours also got married here last year, so it was lovely to see them enjoy such a special day. 

One (or two) particular weddings stick out in my mind. When one of our couples got married here in September 2021, the bride’s dad was so impressed with their wedding day that he booked his own wedding – for 2 months later! It was testimony to how delighted the family were with the day, which is always great to know. And yes, it is possible to organise a wedding in just 8 weeks!

Do You Have Any Tricks Of The Trade You Can Share?

Without a doubt, lavender! Working as a beauty therapist, I learnt about the amazing calming effects of lavender. So drawing from that experience, you will often find me helping to calm brides with some fresh lavender mixed with hand cream. Rubbed into the temples, it never fails to soothe fraught nerves on the day!

What Do You Think Makes A Great Wedding?

At the end of the day, a great wedding will be made by a loving couple who just want everyone to have the best day. If they’ve taken the time to consider what they and the guests want to take away from the day, then I will help make it happen!

Your Wedding Consultant Is Part Of The Package

If you want to book your special day here at Baddow Park House, you’ll be happy to hear that along with your exclusive country house wedding venue, you will benefit from Gaynor’s services as part of your wedding package.

Gaynor is a highly valued member of the team, providing an invaluable service to our couples and their families. Feedback and reviews on the service she provides to our couples have always been outstanding. Indeed, she truly is amazing at what she does, and we’re not sure what we’d do without her!

To find out what else is included here at Baddow Park House, you can read our blog about it here.

Wedding Reviews
We were booked to get married September 2020 but due to covid, we re-scheduled for September 2021. I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at Baddow Park and especially Kelly – Group Operations Manager, for being so accommodating. We were very worried about the unknowns of having to re-arrange. However, Kelly and the team took that worry away. The process from having a “back up date” to confirming a new date in 21 was seamless, Kelly and her team were ALWAYS available via phone or email for a quick chat or to discuss the day in-depth. The upset of having to move our day never came as we knew the team had it all under control and that they would make our day even more special next year. We can’t wait to get married and celebrate at Baddow Park house with their fantastic team and gorgeous surroundings!

5 star rating

Fleur & Andy

From our first visit to see Baddow Park even before all the renovations we were in love with it and knew this was the place we wanted to get married, not only was the venue and garden beautiful but Kelly made us feel so welcome we knew it would all go smoothly…   Then COVID happened and so close to our wedding day, all was arranged and we were waiting ready and excited for our wedding day, but in one day, id not only cancelled one wedding but prepared an alternative one, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the flexibility of Baddow Park and Kelly’s support with all our questions and worries of “What do we do now”   She has kept in touch with us throughout the year as we have changed dates and ideas and at not one point has anything I have asked been a problem. Unfortunately a 2020 wedding is not possible so now we wait for the perfect wedding at Baddow Park in 2021!

5 star rating

Victoria Partridge

What a magical wedding day we had at Baddow Park House, every single detail was perfect. From initial viewing to booking to pre-wedding preparation, you were all so helpful and supportive, nothing was too much trouble and no questions were left unanswered. The house is beautifully kept and the grounds exquisite, the atmosphere was lovely. Baddow Park is a truly beautiful place to get married.

5 star rating

Kirstie and Andy

We want to thank you sincerely for making our wedding day so special. Everyone thought the organisation was excellent and everything went so smoothly. Baddow Park is a beautiful place to hold an intimate wedding, the house and the gardens are just delightful. Everyone there said what a lovely venue it was. We had the most beautiful wedding and we are very grateful.

5 star rating

Mrs & Mrs B

From the moment we saw Baddow Park for the first time we knew this was exactly where we wanted to have our wedding reception. Combining beautiful grounds with the ability for us to personalise our day this was our perfect venue. We truly could not have asked for a better day and for all at Baddow Park House together with their suppliers who helped make the magic happen.

5 star rating

Nick & Lorna Bastian

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