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What Is A Pet-Friendly Wedding?

Mar 28, 2023 | Wedding Ideas and Trends

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Image courtesy of Clare Graham Photography

Weddings are about being with your whole family, and for a whopping 62% of people, that includes a pet.

Us Brits love our pets, and on one of the biggest days of our lives, having them there makes it all the more special. You’re probably not going enjoy your day knowing that your pet is anxious, alone or wondering where you’ve got to, so make sure you choose a wedding venue that welcomes your beloved furry friend with open arms… and a treat or two!

What Is A Pet-Friendly Wedding?

Not all wedding venues allow animals on their premises, so a pet-friendly wedding is your perfect wedding day in a venue that welcomes pets and four-legged companions.

To find out if a venue is pet friendly, you can ask them about their pet or animal policy. Some will be more than happy to accommodate your animal pal in any way that you wish, but others may only allow them in allocated areas or outdoors. Some venues don’t allow pets at all, so it’s important to know where you stand… sit… lie down…

What Pets Can Come To My Wedding?

In theory, any pet can be part of your day. Although some pets are less suited to the celebrations – goldfish or stick insects are rather tricky to include. Dogs are usually pretty easy.

Consider the noise levels and atmosphere of your wedding and how your pet might react to this change in their normal living environment. Shy, nervous or small pets might find it overwhelming and could act out in unpredictable ways.

We’ve heard of weddings where the bride has ridden her horse down the aisle, where ferrets have carried the rings and where chickens have pecked and posed for photos. So if your pet craves attention and loves the petting, tickles behind the ears and belly rubs, they’re going to have as much fun on the day as you will!

Pet - Friendly Wedding

Image courtesy of Natalie & Max Photographers

How Can I Include My Pet In My Wedding?

There are loads of creative ways to include your pet in the ceremony and celebrations. Here are some ideas for you to ponder:

  • Ring bearer
  • Flower pup
  • Man’s best man
  • Leading down the aisle
  • Welcome committee

Top Tips For A Pet-Friendly Wedding

Include Your Pet In A Way That Suits Their Temperament.

Just like people, not all animals feel confident in new situations, but that doesn’t mean they have to be left out. For example, if your dog is too anxious to walk you down the aisle, have them with you while you get ready. This way, you still get to share some of your day with your fur baby, but familiar people surround them. 

Other pets may feel comfortable being included in the ceremony but perhaps only with you or your partner holding them. This might feel ok for a few hours, but you’ll need a backup for when you or your pet become tired!

Think About The Photos

The photos are the best part of having pets at weddings! So hiring a photographer that’s great with animals should be a top priority to get the most memorable and gorgeous photos possible. Spend some time in advance thinking about what kind of photos you want and how your pet might respond to posing. Will you need treats or toys to get their attention?

Let Guests Know

Not everyone is a pet person, so if your guest has an allergy or phobia, they need to know ahead of time. Also, you should find out if your venue allows just your pet or ALL pets. If you and your partner are dog lovers, maybe you’d like your guests to bring their own pups and pooches. Do bear in mind that this could create quite a distraction from proceedings if the pets don’t get on!

Dress To Impress

Some pets don’t tolerate accessories like hats and jumpers, while others love them. For dogs that don’t mind getting dressed up, you can buy doggy tuxedos, tutus and collars. For those that don’t like it, you can adorn their harness with flowers or include your wedding colours. They might tolerate a bowtie if they are used to a collar.

Hire Help

Much like having kids at your wedding, you can’t be totally present all the time. So you’ll need help. Hopefully, you have a trusted friend or family member who will be on ‘paw patrol’ watching over your pet while you’re busy with wedding day fun.

But if you think your pet needs a little more TLC, hiring a dog sitter is a good option. A professional dog sitter knows what they’re doing. They can be there to:

  • Be quick to pick up poo
  • Watch for behavioural cues
  • Make sure the pet isn’t being over-excited by kids
  • Keeps feeding and napping schedule (esp important for young animals)
  • Can take your pet home when needed

A Quiet Space

Most animals won’t be able to manage hours of full-on noise and attention. Just like small children (and a lot of grown adults!) pets also need quite-time to rest and recuperate. So it’s important that your wedding venue has a quiet space for your pet to retreat to. Somewhere with plenty of water and food if they need it. 

Pets At Baddow Park House

At Baddow Park House, we absolutely welcome pets! Your beloved animal companion can join you in the Salon as you get ready, and we invite them to be part of your ceremony in the Oak Room or Orangery.

We can also provide a quiet space for your pet to retreat to when they need calm. They must be enclosed in a crate or pen and not left unattended, but we will ensure peace and tranquillity for them to relax.
Our team are all animal lovers, and we’re excited to help you to think of ways to include your pet in your day. We can’t be responsible for your pet on the day, but we can guarantee that your pet will be warmly welcomed and treated like one of the family!

We Welcome Your Whole Family

Your wedding should be everything you want – and more. If having your furry family member there is important to you, then it’s important to us. We welcome your whole wedding party, two-legged or four, to enjoy all Baddow Park House has to offer.

Download our wedding brochure from the website or call us on 01245 473969, to talk about how we can make your perfect day a reality.

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