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Types of Wedding Ceremony

Aug 13, 2019 | Ceremony Types

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Wedding ceremonies can be flexible, personal and unique. Baddow Park perform all types of wedding ceremony.

The starting point of most weddings is for you to decide how you both want to get married. Wouldn’t it be great to start married life with a wedding ceremony that really means something? To have the opportunity to tell your friends and family what your relationship means and why you are choosing to get married? Many of us are looking for a wedding that is personal, flexible and unique. Here we write about some of the types of wedding ceremony available.

Non Religious Civil Wedding Ceremonies

A civil wedding ceremony is simply a non-religious, legal marriage. It’s presided over by a legal official instead of a religious one. A civil ceremony focuses on words, poems and music within the service (not religion). There are many creatively wonderful ways to make a civil wedding ceremony unique and meaningful.

Inter-faith Wedding Ceremony

An Interfaith marriage closes the gap between different faiths and cultures. It is a day for harmony. Keeping your interfaith wedding ceremony secular will allow the focus to be on you (rather than religion) as you say your vows. You could then bring aspects of your religious traditions into your reception. This approach can alleviate a lot of stress.

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony

Same-sex couples were legally entitled to marry in the UK from March 2014. The process is exactly the same as for heterosexual couples. You are granted the same rights as every single married couple in England & Wales (and now Scotland!).  Many couples have decided to convert their civil partnership into a marriage since law changes. The conversion is a very simple process involving one meeting with a superintendent registrar. Same sex wedding ceremonies have two venue options, either the register office or an approved venue of your choice.

Jewish Ceremonies

The Jewish wedding ceremony is a simple and beautiful service. It can be adapted or enjoyed in its original format. This allows you many ways to make the service your own. You can freely express your love for each other. A Jewish wedding ceremony can be performed at any time of day but cannot take place on The Sabbath (which is a Saturday)

Asian Wedding Ceremony

An Asian wedding ceremony can usually last for around three hours. Asian wedding celebrations include vast amount of rituals and traditions. This ceremony also celebrates the coming together of two families. It symbolises the sacred union of the bride and groom. The families are heavily involved throughout the wedding.  They play key roles in many of the ceremonies and traditions. An Asian wedding ceremony is an extravagant and important affair.

Wedding Blessing

A wedding blessing is a non-legally binding ceremony. You can add a spiritual or personal aspect to symbolise your union. These are a few of the different types of wedding ceremony options you can choose from. Once you’ve decided on the type of ceremony, you can then begin to put your stamp on it.  You can write your own wedding vows or hold a special ritual. The team at Baddow Park House will work with you to ensure that your wedding ceremony is just as you envisaged it at our Country house wedding venue.

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