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Feb 7, 2023 | Wedding Venue

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Image courtesy of Clare  Graham Photography

Image courtesy of Clare Graham Photography

When it comes to your wedding, Baddow Park House has so much to offer.

Not only do you get a sixty-acre Victorian country estate on which to enjoy your special day, but you also have exclusive access to the Salon. 

But what is the Salon? How does it enhance your wedding experience? Why should you care? Well, it’s more than just a little add-on to your wedding package. Let’s talk about Baddow Park House’s Salon – and why you’ll fall in love with it, too…

Our Historic Charm

Let’s not kid ourselves: a lot of legwork goes into the perfect wedding! There are the invites, the table-placement politics, the catering and, of course, the venue. 

The venue sets the scene and mood for the whole day. At Baddow Park House, we have crafted every square inch of the estate with you in mind. With every restoration undergone, we ensure to keep the historic and stunning essence of the country house and give you the most scenic day possible. After all, you deserve to get hitched without a hitch! 

But where does the Salon fit into this? 

What Is The Salon?

Image Courtesy of Visions of View Photography

Image courtesy of Visions of View Photography

The Salon is a self-contained building on the estate, traditionally used for bridal preparation in the morning. It is nestled in the woods, away from the main building and is one of our favourite parts of the Baddow Park House estate. 

We know that pre-wedding jitters are normal, nay expected. That’s why we designate this serene, beautifully-decorated Salon for you and those who are helping you prepare on your wedding morning to relax – away from the hustle and bustle of it all. You and your bridal party will be fully catered for and given as little or as much help as you need – all against the backdrop of an enchanting forest view!

How Does The Salon Enhance Your Day? 

If you’re nervous on your big day, you’re not alone. 

In 2017, Harper’s Bazaar reported that 80% of women experience some form of anxiety or nervousness on their wedding day – and after months, if not years, of planning all coming together, who can blame you?!

That’s why we created the Salon. It’s a calm, secluded space where you and your bridal team can go to feel calm – not just in the morning during the wedding prep, but the night before as well if you want to. 

What else can the Salon do for you? 

Total Privacy

Because the Salon is away from the main house, there’s absolutely no chance of you accidentally running into guests. So no risk of anyone seeing your dress before the big reveal!

Your Bridal Party In The Same Room

If you’re considering a residential wedding, you may run into problems in the morning when it’s time to get ready. Especially if your bridal team are all sleeping in different rooms! Lots of chaos, lots of running through corridors and lots of extra stress impacting your experience. 

Luckily, Baddow Park House’s Salon has large, luxurious shared rooms for your superstar crew. So you’re all together and ready right from the start!

Calm Bridesmaids = Calmer Bride

The wedding prep can be just as stressful for those helping you. And if your bridesmaids feel more relaxed in our peaceful Salon, you can guarantee that your stress levels will go down as well!

What’s In The Salon?

As we said before, every detail in Baddow Park House is tailored to ensure you feel encapsulated by the estate’s beauty and functionality. That extends to the Salon, too! So, what’s included to give you the best possible start to your wedding day? 

HUGE Full-Length Mirrors

When we say huge, we mean huge. There are so many elements to your bridal look: the hair, the veil, the dress, the shoes… all of it! Why fragment the preparation with tiny mirrors that only let you see bits of your outfit at a time? Baddow Park House’s Salon has luxurious full-length Victorian gilt mirrors so that you can finalise your look and make sure you’re happy with everything before you take a step onto the aisle.

Extended Vanity Unit

Nobody wants to be jostling for mirror space on the big day. That’s why we’ve kitted out our Salon with an enormous vanity unit – so there’s plenty of room for you and your girls to get ready!

Wet Room

Want to start the day off with a refreshing shower? No problem! Make your last shower before marriage one of the most relaxing you’ve ever had, thanks to our state-of-the-art wet room. Freshen up and relax your nerves at the same time, so that you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Kitchen Space

This is our favourite bit… Baddow Park House’s Salon includes a sleek and elegant kitchen area for you to use. So you can make drinks with the girls while you get ready, or indulge in a delicious breakfast. What’s more, our caterers can bring a cooked breakfast down to you and your bridal party! 

Stomach in knots? No problem – you can have a small bite to eat instead – it’s your day, after all!

Stunning Outdoors

Need some fresh air? The Salon has a beautiful set of French doors that open to a scenic terrace, so you don’t have to waddle all the way outside whilst you’re halfway through putting on your dress. With sixty acres of the Essex countryside all to yourself, you’re bound to feel at peace before the ceremony. 

Twin Room & Double Bedroom

Want to stay overnight beforehand? Book the Salon for the evening and have access to our beautiful twin bedroom for your team, as well as a double room for you! You can even sleep up to 8 with our luxury sofa bed and Z beds – so you don’t have to feel alone or nervous.

Image Courtesy of Visions of View Photography

Image courtesy of Visions of View Photography

A Place Of Memories

Here at Baddow Park House, the celebration starts from the moment you arrive. And while you’ve got preparation to do, we want to make sure that you make treasured memories during this time – all against the backdrop of a historic country estate. 

Whether it be the ornate peacock brass fire screens that adorn the Salon, or the carefully selected Victorian decor, something about the Salon will transport you through time and space, away from the stress of organising your wedding day. 

It’s a space where you can sip bubbles with your girls and cherish each moment. A space straight out of a fairytale. A space that can be yours and yours alone. It’s your moment – and you deserve to enjoy it!

Want to see the Salon for yourself? Get in touch today to book your private viewing – and fall in love with your perfect venue!

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