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Stop the clock and enjoy an extended weekend wedding at a luxury venue

Apr 9, 2020 | Wedding Venue

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What makes a weekend wedding so special? Kelly Sinnott, wedding planner at Baddow Park House explains why more couples are looking for a luxury weekend wedding venue.

Why limit yourselves to one day, when the party could last an entire weekend?

There are lots of venues in Essex where you can hold a one-day wedding. However, many couples now have guests travelling long distances to attend. Add to this the pressure of a whirlwind day with no time to talk to everyone properly and suddenly – an extended wedding celebration at a private venue makes very good sense!

Kelly Sinnott, the dedicated Wedding Planner at Baddow Park House, Chelmsford says, “I’ve been working in the wedding industry for many years now and have certainly seen a few trends in my time. The growing popularity of the long weekend wedding venue hire is definitely at the top of my list!” Kelly continues, “So often in the past I’ve heard couples say, ‘It just flew by, we blinked and we missed it’ or ‘I wish we could do it all over again’. Couples want the opportunity to enjoy their wedding and spend time with their guests without feeling rushed. An extended wedding offers this”.

Turn your big day into a long weekend

“The great thing about a multi day wedding venue is that couples have the opportunity to create a personalised wedding experience for their guests – where everything can be a reflection of their taste” says Kelly “but it’s not just that, couples get exclusive use of the wedding venue, so they know that the entire property is just for their wedding celebration”.

Kelly’s top ten best bits of an extended weekend wedding celebration

  • Enjoy an extended red-carpet moment as it’s rolled out for 3 days or more.
  • Get as creative as you want with wedding entertainment.
  • Organise activities for your guests to enjoy over the weekend such as clay pigeon shooting or yoga.
  • Plan a welcome cocktail party or a sumptuous supper for the first night.
  • Soak up all the wonderful memories at your own pace.
  • Bring your pets along to the celebrations. Why should you have all the fun!
  • Spend quality time bonding with best friends and family.
  • Come to breakfast in your pj’s or stay up really late around the fire pit – the house is yours for the weekend!
  • There will be plenty of time to get the perfect wedding photographs.
  • Relax, knowing the entire luxury wedding venue belongs to you

Experts at creating bespoke extended weekend weddings

“The team at Baddow Park House are experts at co-ordinating extended bespoke wedding celebrations,” says Kelly, “It’s what we do best. And while a three-day wedding might take a little bit more planning on our part, the wedding celebration will be far more chilled out affair for those attending. You can relax in the moment and not worry about ‘are we on schedule?’ or ‘have we got to get on with the speeches?’ When you have a few days or more, there’s less pressure to fit everything into a certain time frame”. There are far more ways to be inventive with food and entertainment too. “Our couples love to showcase their personalities with their choices of menu and the activities they plan. The sky really is the limit” Kelly adds,” We know our couples are always looking for more when it comes to their wedding venue – more flexibility, more details, more intimacy, more personal touches and more of an experience for their guests. We provide this”.

Enjoy the ultimate multi-day wedding venue at Baddow Park House

Baddow Park House, Essex is an imposing rural escape set within beautiful countryside just a few hours’ drive from London. It offers couples and their guests the chance to leave the world outside and step into the relaxed grandeur of private country house living, whilst celebrating a wedding never to be forgotten. If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your luxury weekend wedding speak to Kelly at Baddow Park House. She would be delighted to arrange a guided tour of the stunning,recently renovated property and answer any questions you might have about planning your extended weekend wedding celebration.

Start planning your extended weekend wedding with Baddow Park House in Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex by calling us on 01245 473969

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