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Meet The Team: Kelly – Sales and Marketing Director

Apr 28, 2023 | Wedding Planning

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Meet Kelly - Group Operations Manager

Image Courtesy of Farlie Photography

Originally built in 1893, Baddow Park House is a beautiful country house nestled in the Essex countryside.

In 2020, the venue was relaunched after an extensive refurbishment, where it was transformed into a luxury country estate ideal for private and exclusive weddings. 

Nobody could have imagined at the time what a year that would turn out to be, with so many couples’ wedding plans thrown into disarray!

Luckily, we already had some of the best staff on hand here at Baddow Park House to support our couples through those difficult times and who have stuck with us throughout. Their dedication and support, even in the toughest of times, is really what makes this such an outstanding venue and a perfect choice for your special day,

Meet Kelly Sinnott

Kelly - Group Operations Manager

Kelly has been working with us here at Baddow Park House for nearly 4 years now. She was our very first member of staff and has been with us right from the beginning when Baddow Park House was still being renovated, and a private viewing consisted of hard hats, high vis jackets and a lot of imagination!!

Kelly has helped us continually develop Baddow Park House into the amazing venue it is today.

We recently had a chat with our longest-standing member of staff to give you an idea of what she gets up to here and show you how she can help you to create your perfectly unique wedding… 

Here’s what she had to say… 

What Does Your Role As Group Operations Manager Involve?

My role covers a whole range of things which makes it really varied – every day is different!

I’m here right from the start to deal with initial enquiries from couples about the venue and what we have on offer here at Baddow Park House. I also host private viewings if you want to come and have a look around to get more of an idea of the place.

If you fall in love with it (as most couples do!), it is then my responsibility to upload the bookings and be a point of contact for all questions, of which you can imagine there are generally quite a few!

Alongside enquiries about the venue, I also oversee all the marketing of the venue, including the website, social media and merchandise. This also involves brand management, which is at the forefront of everything we do.

It is also part of my role to organise staffing and recruitment for the events and to liaise with key stakeholders (such as our preferred suppliers).

More generally, I am involved in the continual development of the venue and everything else in between!

Meet Kelly - Group Operations Manager

Image Courtesy of Farlie Photography

How Do You Contribute To The Wedding?

Right from the outset, I’m here to help you shape your dream wedding day. If you need help picking the right dates, recommendations for catering choices to suit your budget etc, I can help you out! 

Alongside your Wedding Consultant, I help with any questions you have throughout the planning process. During the four years, I’ve spent here, I’ve seen a huge variety of weddings, so whatever it is you’re looking for to make your day special and unique, I can show you how we can achieve it.

When it comes to the actual wedding day, I usually can’t help but resist popping in to see how our couples are getting on. It’s such a special day, and to see how it’s all come together is amazing.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

This job is just so rewarding in so many ways. We have such a fabulous team at Baddow Park House that really delivers the most memorable weddings to our couples and their guests. The development of my staff is so important, and to see them flourish is wonderful.

The feedback that we have had from weddings has also been amazing – to see all the hard work at the outset pay off on the day is just the best.

When I started, we were still renovating the house. To compare it to the venue we have today and see how far we have exceeded any expectations with the quality of weddings we produce, makes me so proud.

What Do You Think Makes A Great Wedding?

Family, friends and good food and drink! So many small details go into a wedding to make it the special day it is, but these 4 things are what really matter. The rest you can leave to us, and when you are looked after by a fabulous team like ours, you really do just get to enjoy every minute and not stress!

Meet Stephanie - Wedding Coordinator

Image Courtesy of Farlie Photography

What’s Your Favourite Memory Of Working At Baddow Park House?

Every wedding we host is completely unique, so it is so difficult to choose. I have seen some of the most fabulous dresses and generally end up with a new favourite every week! I’m blown away by the aesthetic touches that couples choose to make their day so unique. And don’t even get me started on the flowers!

However, it may sound odd, but I think my favourite memories and those that will stick with me forever were during the COVID times. I am so proud of our COVID couples. They were looked after by Baddow Park House for longer than what we would normally experience, and so we got to know them really well. I’ve laughed with them, consoled them when they were upset, helped them to reschedule, changed plans (and changed them again!). 

I was so pleased that all of them were able to still have their dream day with us despite all of the challenges at the time. As you can imagine, when their days finally arrived, it seemed even more special because of the amount of effort and waiting and emotion that had gone into the preparations. I still keep in touch with a lot of them and love to see them get promotions, start families, buy their dream houses etc – it’s an honour!

Continued Support

Through the hard times and the good, Kelly has ensured that every couple got their dream wedding. The support and knowledge she has provided our couples with over the years have been second to none.

If you’re looking to get married in a beautiful country house where you can relax and enjoy the day safe in the knowledge the staff have everything under control, you can book a private viewing. Kelly will be on hand to answer any questions you have!

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