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Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony

Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony

May 7, 2023 | Wedding Ideas and Trends, Wedding Planning, Wedding Venue

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Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony
Image courtesy of Farlie Photography

Thinking of having an outdoor ceremony for your wedding? Wondering whether indoor would be better?

There are so many advantages to having an outdoor wedding; taking in nature and glorious sunshine can really make a lovely ceremony into an amazing one. But what do you do when the weather isn’t as perfect as you’d hoped? Or the outside vibe doesn’t suit all of your guests? Read on to discover our thoughts on indoor versus outdoor ceremonies. 

Wedding Ceremonies In The UK

Covid changed our lives in lots of ways, and some of them have been quite positive. Remote working and outdoor wedding ceremonies are two of the best outcomes from all of the upheaval.

Traditionally, ceremonies in the UK had to be held indoors because of the requirement stating that they had to be in a permanent, immovable structure. Then Covid hit, and restrictions were placed on being inside with groups of people. The old wedding ceremony rules were relaxed to include any outdoor area within the grounds of a licensed venue.

Venues began to get creative with outdoor areas; some used huts or structures that adjoined the building, and others used gazebos and pergolas. This all started a shift towards outdoor weddings. 

You still can’t get married anywhere outside. Like on a beach, for example. But there is far more flexibility now than there was pre-2020.

Why Choose An Outdoor Ceremony?

Outdoor ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular for lots of different reasons. For some couples, it’s about having freedom with the numbers. When you’re not confined to an indoor space with a finite capacity, you can have as many guests as you want. No need to crop down the guest list to only your closest family members when you can invite everybody (and their dog!) to an open, outdoor ceremony on beautiful, spacious land. 

So the point about dogs is not to be overlooked. Inviting pets to weddings is also becoming more popular. Many couples want to include their loyal, furry family members in the ceremony. Having an outdoor ceremony caters for small pets like cats and dogs, but it also allows for bigger pets and animals like horses and donkeys to take part in the rituals and celebrations. 

Undoubtedly, the best thing about having your wedding ceremony outdoors is the benefit of being surrounded by natural beauty and exquisite scenery. Basking in the glorious sunshine whilst saying your “I do’s” and giving your guests stunning scenery to enjoy the ceremony is the recipe for an unforgettable wedding. 

With an outdoor wedding, you can create a fun, carefree environment for children to run around and play or a magical, enchanting atmosphere within woodland dressed in fairy lights! There are so many possibilities to create your ideal setting.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony<br />
Image courtesy of Natalie & Max Photographers

What Are The Drawbacks Of Marrying Outdoors?

Of course, the biggest downside to planning an outdoor wedding in the UK is the UK weather! Forever unpredictable. Even with all the technology we have now, it still isn’t possible to predict the weather more than a few days in advance. And even then, it’s not always accurate.

Most couples choosing to organise an outdoor wedding will factor in the uncertainty of the weather and make sure there’s a Plan B. Somewhere sheltered to hold the ceremony in the event of a crazy storm or searing heatwave. 

The other downside of having an outdoor wedding ceremony is the possible interruptions from your surroundings. If your venue is anywhere near a road, there’s always a chance that a fire engine or ambulance might be whizzing past with the sirens on right in the middle of your vows. Or cows in the next field chiming in with a cacophony of moos!

Helicopters, planes and drones can also be an annoying and somewhat unpredictable distraction from above.

For larger ceremonies in an open space or for guests that may find it more difficult to hear, you may need sound amplification to make sure everybody is included and can enjoy the ceremony.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony<br />
Image courtesy of Farlie Photography

Why Choose An Indoor Ceremony?

Getting hitched indoors has been the norm for centuries, and there are loads of reasons why many couples prefer a traditional indoor wedding to an outdoor one. When you get married inside a building, you have more control over the environment. 

You can choose to hold your ceremony in a beautiful room designed specifically to suit wedding ceremonies and have it personalised in any way that suits your needs and individual tastes. 

An indoor setting allows you to get the setup right for the sound, and you can also control the temperature a lot more than you can control the weather outside. Venues can have efficient heating and air conditioning depending on your needs.

If you have a broad range of people coming to your wedding, you may find that traditional indoor seating for guests is essential. Many older people, young children or people with disabilities might find that indoor seating can accommodate their needs and keep them safe and comfortable better than sitting outside.

A lot of guests enjoy the predictability of an indoor wedding because they can decide what to wear, knowing that they’ll stay clean and dry. The same goes for the couples saying the “I do’s”. There’s nothing worse than wearing a backless gown outside, and the weather takes a turn for the worse, leaving you cold and covered in goosebumps! Or wearing a 3 piece suit and sweating all through the ceremony because the sun’s beating down and there’s absolutely no breeze!

Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony

Image courtesy of  Visions of View Photography

Drawbacks Of Marrying Indoors

Indoor spaces have to have limited numbers due to health and safety. And you wouldn’t want your guests crammed in like sardines anyway. This can be frustrating when you have an extended family, or you want to be able to invite all of your friends, their partners and children.

And what about pets? At Baddow Park we’re welcoming of your furry friends, however, a lot of other venues don’t allow animals or pets indoors or in certain parts of the building. This can make it difficult to have your pet included in your ceremony.

Some couples feel like indoor weddings are a bit samey. They can feel like a replica of other weddings and sometimes lack the individuality that you can get from an outdoor ceremony. Depending on the venue, it can be difficult to personalise some indoor spaces and really make a wedding that’s your own. 

What About Both?

When it comes to weddings, you can have it all. At least you can with us! At Baddow Park House, we’ve always adored outdoor ceremonies. Our grounds are exquisite and unique. The romance of being surrounded by blooms and the beauty of nature will create an unforgettable and truly magical wedding.

But we don’t only boast a wonderful outdoor setting for your ceremony. Our venue is so versatile – we also have inside ceremony rooms, The Oak Room and The Drawing Room, for those that prefer that.

For couples that want to get married outside but don’t want to risk being exposed to all the elements, we have the Oak Pavillion. You can have all the benefits of an outdoor wedding with the added protection against wedding day showers. 

And then there’s the Orangery. Designed to bring the outside in, the vast glass walls overlook the rolling countryside, so you truly feel like you’re in the elements – without actually being in the elements! 

Whatever you choose, your wedding will be perfect, because you deserve it to be.

For more info about our venue and the options available to you, see our Baddow Park House website.

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