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Summer Vs Winter Wedding – Which Is Best?

May 15, 2023 | Seasonal Weddings, Wedding Ideas and Trends, Wedding Planning

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Summer vs Winter Wedding (3)

Traditionally, summer has always been the most popular time of year for weddings in the UK, but gradually things are changing.

It used to be that wedding ‘season’ was between May – September. But now, there’s no real off-season. Winter weddings aren’t quite as in demand as summer weddings, but they’re not far behind.

If you’re trying to decide which is the best season for your dream wedding, this blog is going to take a look at the pros and cons of a summer vs winter wedding…

Summer Weddings

Summer in the wedding world starts in May, with June, July and August being the most popular months. It is thought that the tradition of summer weddings started back in the Middle Ages, when most weddings took place in June because people had their yearly bath in May, so would be smelling less pungent. These days it’s probably more down to the potential for better weather conditions!

Summer Weddings: The Pros

So what is it about those weather conditions that make summer preferable for some in the summer vs winter wedding argument?

The Great Outdoors

Well, warmer weather gives you more options for your wedding day. Mainly because you have the option to use the great outdoors! In the summer months, you have the potential for an outdoor ceremony, drinks in the gardens, lawn games and evening BBQs. These are often not so appealing and sometimes just impossible in the colder winter months.

Good Moods And Longer Days

Good weather and longer days also have the habit of putting people in a better mood. And because it’s light into the evening, it can make your wedding day feel longer and more relaxed. It also makes it easier to start proceedings later in the day if you wish, as you will still have plenty of light hours for your photographs in the evening.

More Venue Options

Another pro when comparing a summer vs winter wedding is the wider choice of venues. Some venues only function in the summer only as they’re unsuitable for the cold months. And though marquee weddings ARE possible in winter, they need a lot of heating to keep your guests warm!

Flowers In Season

So many more flowers are in season in the summer months. So if you’re having a summer wedding, finding the flower displays and bouquets you pinned to your Pinterest board is a lot easier and cheaper.

summer vs winter wedding<br />

Image courtesy of Farlie Photography

The Cons:

Higher Demand

Did we mention that summer weddings are the most popular? That means you’ll be competing with hundreds of other couples for venues, photographers, cake makers, florists… pretty much all suppliers will have busy schedules. Booking months, even years, in advance for the most popular dates is commonplace.

Increase In Cost

With this increase in demand, you’ll often find there’s also an increase in cost when it comes to a summer vs winter wedding. Or at the very least, little room for negotiation on quotes, as if the venue is any good, they’ll more than likely have another couple desperate for your date!

Extreme Temperatures

It may be hard to believe in the UK, but as recent summers have taught us, some days are just TOO HOT! No one wants to stand around sweating in a suit whilst listening to the longest best man’s speech ever.

Clashing Dates

When considering a summer vs winter wedding, it’s worth bearing in mind that the summer months are busy for everyone. You may find that your guests have prior arrangements for your chosen date. Or worse, it could be that your date clashes with another wedding or that some guests are away on a summer holiday.

Photography Trouble

Bright summer sunlight can make life difficult for your photographer. Possibly not a reason on its own for dismissing a summer wedding, and any professional photographer should know how to work with it, but something considering if you’re particular about these things.

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are the stuff of chick-lit romance novels. If it works out, there’s the potential for dazzling snow and cosy candle-lit ceremonies. These charming notions may well be why winter weddings are becoming much more popular.

Winter Weddings: The Pros


Due to the lower demand for wedding venues in the winter, it is much easier to get the venue, suppliers and dates that you want. And quite possibly at a cheaper cost, too. So all-round less hassle!

Winter Wonderland

Winter weddings can have a real fairytale, magical feel. You and your guests are all shut away from the rest of the world, wrapped up in your own wedding bubble. The darker days just mean you can get more creative with the lighting – it’s romantic, mood-setting and adds character to your day.


In the winter months, you can be more inventive with your menu and drinks. Comforting and filling food will warm your guest from the inside out. How about a hot chocolate bar in the evening?

Less Disappointment

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you’re more than likely planning for a wet and cold day. This takes away any of the disappointment you may feel when you wake up on your August wedding day to find it’s lashing down with rain. A bright, sunny winter’s day is a bonus, but you won’t be relying on it! That’s another plus for winter in the summer vs winter wedding argument.


Frosty photos will look AMAZING. And with a winter wedding, you can wear a wedding cape! Need we say more?

summer vs winter wedding<br />

Image courtesy of  Visions of View Photography

The Cons

The Weather

While it’s not ironic, Alanis had the right vibe. No one wants rain on their wedding day. And if it’s a particularly gloomy day with darkness falling early, you may feel like your day has been cut short.

Christmas and New Year

For many couples, when they picture a winter wedding, it involves Christmas trees and twinkly lights. However, Christmas and New Year weddings can be just as expensive as peak summer. And if you’re looking at a hotel wedding, you may find the hotel you want doesn’t offer weekend weddings in December as it makes more money selling Christmas party packages. That OR you end up with drunken Sharon from Accounts gatecrashing your reception!

Expensive Month

December is an expensive month for everyone. You might find that your guests struggle to afford travel and accommodation to your wedding alongside all the festive bills.

Imported Flowers

There are not so many flowers in season during the winter months. So if you had particular flowers in mind, you will probably find they have to be imported, which usually costs a fair bit more. 

Bride and groom celebrating a luxury wedding

Image courtesy of  Visions of View Photography

What About The Other Months?

So far we’ve only considered a summer vs winter wedding, but with summer weddings spanning May-September, and winter weddings from November – March, there are still two months unaccounted for…

Spring Weddings

April (and May, really) can be considered spring weddings. The weather usually hasn’t yet committed to the balmy warmth we all enjoy, but the long, cold and dark days are starting to fade. This can be a beautiful time of year for a wedding, with a backdrop of blossom and budding trees, and the promise of new beginnings.

It is also a great time again for finding the best suppliers and venues as they will have better availability than in the busy summer months.

Autumn Weddings

The golden season, which we consider late September, October and early November, is a glorious time to get hitched. The landscape is ablaze with colour and, if the past few years are anything to go by, September and October still have some hot days.

Similarly to the spring months, venues and suppliers are on the wind down from peak season, so generally have better availability in autumn.

The Perfect Season

We can’t tell you which season is best, because frankly, we love them all! If you’re looking for some help comparing your summer vs winter wedding, take a look at our website to see some of the photos from the weddings we’ve had here at Baddow Park House. You might find it helpful to see how a luxury wedding venue can work throughout the year. We’re also happy to help with advice, just give us a call and we can book a viewing.

Wedding Reviews
We were booked to get married September 2020 but due to covid, we re-scheduled for September 2021. I wanted to say a huge thank you to the team at Baddow Park and especially Kelly – Group Operations Manager, for being so accommodating. We were very worried about the unknowns of having to re-arrange. However, Kelly and the team took that worry away. The process from having a “back up date” to confirming a new date in 21 was seamless, Kelly and her team were ALWAYS available via phone or email for a quick chat or to discuss the day in-depth. The upset of having to move our day never came as we knew the team had it all under control and that they would make our day even more special next year. We can’t wait to get married and celebrate at Baddow Park house with their fantastic team and gorgeous surroundings!

5 star rating

Fleur & Andy

From our first visit to see Baddow Park even before all the renovations we were in love with it and knew this was the place we wanted to get married, not only was the venue and garden beautiful but Kelly made us feel so welcome we knew it would all go smoothly…   Then COVID happened and so close to our wedding day, all was arranged and we were waiting ready and excited for our wedding day, but in one day, id not only cancelled one wedding but prepared an alternative one, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the flexibility of Baddow Park and Kelly’s support with all our questions and worries of “What do we do now”   She has kept in touch with us throughout the year as we have changed dates and ideas and at not one point has anything I have asked been a problem. Unfortunately a 2020 wedding is not possible so now we wait for the perfect wedding at Baddow Park in 2021!

5 star rating

Victoria Partridge

What a magical wedding day we had at Baddow Park House, every single detail was perfect. From initial viewing to booking to pre-wedding preparation, you were all so helpful and supportive, nothing was too much trouble and no questions were left unanswered. The house is beautifully kept and the grounds exquisite, the atmosphere was lovely. Baddow Park is a truly beautiful place to get married.

5 star rating

Kirstie and Andy

We want to thank you sincerely for making our wedding day so special. Everyone thought the organisation was excellent and everything went so smoothly. Baddow Park is a beautiful place to hold an intimate wedding, the house and the gardens are just delightful. Everyone there said what a lovely venue it was. We had the most beautiful wedding and we are very grateful.

5 star rating

Mrs & Mrs B

From the moment we saw Baddow Park for the first time we knew this was exactly where we wanted to have our wedding reception. Combining beautiful grounds with the ability for us to personalise our day this was our perfect venue. We truly could not have asked for a better day and for all at Baddow Park House together with their suppliers who helped make the magic happen.

5 star rating

Nick & Lorna Bastian

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