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Impacts The Cost Of Your Wedding

What Impacts The Cost Of Your Wedding

May 21, 2023 | Wedding Catering, Wedding Ideas and Trends, Wedding Planning, Wedding Venue

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Impacts The Cost Of Your Wedding<br />
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It’s public knowledge that weddings are a significant investment, but there are factors you can change to suit your day. 

It can all be quite daunting, though, can’t it? Guests, outfits, venues… No matter what budget you’re working to, it’s hard to know what to spend where.

Knowing what impacts the cost of your wedding can help you get a handle on your costs as well as a better idea of what matters most to you about the day.

Your Venue

Where you choose to get married is usually one of the big ticket items. The sort of wedding venue that you go for will affect the overall cost of your wedding, so your budget is highly likely to determine the type of venue you go and see.

For example, village halls are far less to hire for the day than a castle.

But when comparing wedding venues, you must remember to consider what’s included in the hire cost. What may seem expensive at first could be better value than you think if the hire cost includes a host of aspects you’d otherwise have to source and supply. Many venues commonly do not include chairs, tables, linen, crockery, and glassware, which can significantly increase the hire cost.

To find out about what’s included in the hire price when you book Baddow Park House, follow this link

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Your Guest List

Unless you’re opting for a small and intimate affair, it’s only natural to want to invite all of your nearest and dearest to celebrate your special day with you.

But unfortunately, the longer your guest list, the more money you spend. And it’s not just the price of the food you must account for, either.

Extra chairs and tables, if you’re hiring them, will bump up the cost, as well as linen, glass and tableware, wedding favours, invites… Even sizing up the cake to accommodate all of those extra slices will take a chunk of the budget. It all adds up.

And of course, there’s the cost of feeding everyone. 

That brings us on nicely to…

The Catering

You want your wedding guests to have the best day. From toe-tapping music getting them up on the dancefloor to fun entertainment and plenty of delicious drinks, there’s a lot to think about to make their day as special as yours.

And let’s not forget the food! Serving a great meal that will impress and fill up your guests is a big part of your day. It’s also one of the biggest expenses (usually second, after the cost of the venue). 

Fuelling your wedding guests for the reception ahead can range from £80 to somewhere in the region of £250 per person. 

Drinks being served at luxury wedding venue in Essex

Image courtesy of Farlie Photography

Hot Meals Cost More

Deciding to serve a cold meal, like an afternoon tea or buffet, can save you money but won’t quite fill the bellies of your guests in the same way. 

Serving Staff

The more serving staff you need, the more expensive the catering will be. 

Keep It In Season

Seasonal food is much easier to get hold of and usually far tastier; keeping it seasonal can reduce the cost of your wedding catering. But it’s also a nice touch too – seasonal food is often tastier. 

The Flowers

Though some couples choose a different route, flowers are still heavily associated with weddings, and a florist’s quote might leave you open-mouthed. 

The cost of flowers varies greatly, from small bouquets to huge arrangements like arches or hanging installations perfect for photo opportunities. And it’s not just the size of the floral arrangements that affect the price. Many flowers are imported from the Dutch market, so their availability naturally influences how much they cost. 

You can expect to pay between £500 – £800 for a standard ‘wedding flower’ set of bridal bouquet, a couple of bouquets for your entourage, buttonholes and corsages. But remember that wedding suppliers come with all abilities and experience, so expect to pay more for those who have exceptional skills.

Bridal flowers at bespoke wedding

Image courtesy of  Farlie Photography


Like flowers and decor, the size of your cake will directly impact the cost. 

Wedding cakes these days can be works of art, with cakemakers spending hours upon hours designing and constructing masterpieces that wow your guests as well as taste fantastic. An intricate design that takes longer to execute will increase the cost.

But remember, you’re paying for brilliance. The skill of wedding cakemakers is incredible, and if you’re asking someone to create something truly original, the cost will reflect the time and talent that takes.

Photographer & Videographer

Being able to look back at your wedding day in the years to come is a crucial part of the wedding for most couples. Opening up your wedding album 5 or 10 years down the line and seeing how little your niece looked, or remembering loved ones who are no longer with you, is a precious gift. 

Queue the photographers and videographers!

Their job is to capture the memories of your day. And, like other key suppliers, their fees generally reflect their skill and expertise. 

Some couples choose to hire a photographer or videographer for just part of their celebrations, but most opt for a full-day hire so that everything – and everyone – is covered. Plenty of photography packages also include the option to have 2 photographers to ensure none of the special moments get missed. 

Most photographers and videographers will include a clause in their contract that requires you to feed them. This doesn’t have to be the same meal as your guests, but hot food is usually appreciated; it’s a long day for everyone, including your hired professionals! Ask your caterers for help with potential meal options to ensure your photographer or videographer is fed and happy – and don’t forget to factor it into your budget.

Your images and videos will need editing to make them absolutely perfect, which can take a while to finesse. So, when you’re looking at different packages, remember that their fees reflect the active capturing of the day and the invisible, behind-the-scenes work afterwards.

Your Attire

Your wedding dress doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands, but it’s likely to be up there with one of the most expensive outfits you’ll ever buy. (Ever).

And it’s not just the dress you need to account for but any alterations and accessories too.

Suit hire tends to be cheaper than buying a dress, but it’ll set you back a lot more if you’re looking to buy a bespoke suit. And that usually requires alterations, too. 

Paying out for wedding outfits doesn’t stop there, either. It’s tradition for the wedding couple to pay for the bridesmaids, best man and usher outfits too. Whilst it’s more common for the wedding party to contribute in some way these days, it is very much a personal decision, and many couples like to honour the tradition. 

Bride and bridesmaids at bespoke wedding in Essex

Image courtesy of  Clare Graham Photography

How To Budget For The Best Day Of Your Life

The cost of your wedding comes down to so many factors that it can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re working to a budget, no matter how healthy that budget may be! 

By running through the most costly aspects, you can pick and choose the elements that matter most to you and achieve your perfect day. 

If flowers are a huge part of your vision, allocate more for flowers than your dress. Want the cake of your dreams? Opt for a DJ rather than a band… 

But remember, it’s not just dresses, cakes and photos that will bag you your special day. Give plenty of thought to the order events so that you can rest assured you, and your guests, can make the most of it. Read our Wedding Day Timeline guide to help you plan the perfect running order.

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