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5 Reasons To Hire An Exclusive Use Wedding Venue

Mar 7, 2023 | Wedding Venue

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Overwhelmed by the huge choice of wedding venues available?

Not sure if you want to celebrate the whole day in one place or if you want the ceremony and after party in different locations? Wondering if exclusive use is worth considering and what it really means?

These are all questions that need to be answered. Here, we’re going to be tackling the argument for exclusive-use venues and why we think they offer the best option for your big day.

Exclusive Use: What Does It Mean?

Choosing a venue with exclusive use means you will have the whole venue to yourselves. No guests wandering around from another wedding party, no random customers popping in, just you, your guests, and of course, the staff.

Booking a venue that doesn’t offer exclusive use means you are more than likely to be sharing your day with another wedding party, especially in peak season. Many venues try to book more than one wedding for the same day. It may be that this doesn’t worry you – having another couple celebrating their special day at the same place could be fun – but it can cause some issues. For example, you may find it difficult, or more pricey to book the exact times you want for the ceremony or wedding breakfast.

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Some non-exclusive use venues are also open to the public. You may think that a beautiful country estate is the perfect wedding venue for you, but if it’s a place of historical interest and non-exclusive, you may find a coachload of tourists gatecrashing your party and photobombing your photos! You may have similar problems if you decide a golf course or event space is the spot for you, with unpredictable visitors wandering in.

If you want to know more about hiring a wedding venue that’s just for you, here are our top 5 reasons for keeping your big day exclusive…

No Sharing Staff Or Facilities

Wedding venues that host more than one wedding in a day should have bigger teams of staff. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not going to be rushed off their feet. There’s always the possibility that the other wedding party may be very large or have some demanding guests meaning the staff are concentrating their time on trying to keep them happy.

If the other wedding party has any problems, you may lack the service you were hoping for to make your day as stress-free as possible. Just because you and your guests may be more easygoing shouldn’t mean you require less of a service!

No Chance Of Bride Wars

OK, maybe running into another bride or groom on your big day won’t result in pistols at dawn, but couples tend to want to feel special and unique on their big day and having another couple in the same building can dilute that.

You may think that you’ve done everything you can to make your day perfect, but imagine if you run into another bride who has a particularly beautiful dress, or you find the other couple has come up with a really great idea for entertainment which you wish you’d thought of. It can be difficult not to compare your party with one that’s going on in the same building!

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Flexible Timings

Some non-exclusive wedding venues have limited time allocations. Again, you may think, ‘well, how much time do I really need?’ But the last thing you want on your big day is to feel like you’re being rushed. Or that you and your guests are being herded out of the door so the venue can fit in another ceremony.

You may also have a beautiful flower display you’ve dreamed of for the day. But it’s worth keeping in mind that if it takes some time to install, you may need to book two time slots for your set-up. Do you really want to worry about timings on your big day when you could be enjoying your surroundings and taking as much time as you need?

By booking an exclusive use venue, you have all the time you want to enjoy the day, even further days if you wish. Here at Baddow Park House, we offer extended stay weddings, so you can have more time to catch up with family and friends and create memories of your celebrations. To find out more about making a holiday of your wedding, read our blog here.

Leisurely Prep

Getting ready is not something you want to feel rushed on on your big day! If you have an allocated time slot, as will be the case with some non-exclusive venues; there’s no space for running over time getting your hair right or last-minute dress alterations. If you’re running late, you’ll make the next wedding late, which the venue can’t allow.

Having an exclusive space where you can get ready in your own time with your closest people means you can start the day relaxed and full of the right kind of anticipation, rather than stressed out and agitated that you haven’t had the time to get your makeup the way you’d like.

At Baddow Park House, we have the beautiful self-contained Salon nestled in the woods behind the main building. It’s the perfect space to prepare yourself for the day ahead and enjoy the time with your bridal party. To learn more about what our salon offers, you can read our blog here.

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No Hidden Extras

When you book an exclusive hire venue, your package is usually transparent. You know exactly what’s included in your package, and as the whole venue is exclusively for you and your guests, you don’t need to worry about charges for extra space or how long you are entitled to use a particular area. You are basically moving in for the day (or two or three if you’ve opted for that extended stay), and what you see is what you get!

At Baddow Park House, you get full use of the whole house, including 11 stunning bedrooms, the secluded Salon and the beautiful grounds. The estate is yours to use as you wish. You can also guarantee you have the full attention of our team solely for your wedding party.

Who Doesn’t Want To Feel Special?

So there you have it; for us, it’s a no-brainer. Sharing your big day with another wedding party or event can dilute what a special and unique day this is for you. And who doesn’t want to feel special on potentially the most important day of their lives?

Exclusive hire means you have more control of your day and that you’re not vying for staff’s attention or waiting your turn to have your photos. It also means you can spend more time with family and even make a short break of it by spending a few days on-site.

For more details of what Baddow Park House offers exclusively for you, visit our website here.

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